Uncovering the Unknown Unknowns to Dispel Customer Friction with Joe Walker at Equifax

Listen to "Uncovering the Unknown Unknowns to Dispel Customer Friction with Joe Walker of Equifax" on Spreaker.

On this episode of The Frictionless Experience, Joe Walker, Head of B2C Marketing Analytics and Data Platforms at Equifax, lets us in on his secret to removing digital friction and going from disbelief to changing minds with unbelievable data.

Joe shares his experience crunching data, leveraging technology, and the power of curiosity to create, collaborate, and innovate within an organization.

We discuss the journey of unraveling data and key metrics, and the importance of testing, to overcome skepticism in data and convince leadership to rally behind the user experience.

Learn how keen attention to “unknown unknowns”  (unseen friction with far-reaching impact) can overhaul your digital performance and supercharge the customer experience. Joe also reveals crucial instances where detailed data analyses have worked wonders, which include website optimization and major updates to single web pages that significantly impacted revenue. 

Join us as we discuss:

  • Using data to uncover unknown issues, informing leadership, and strategic planning.
  • The importance of tracking the customer journey.
  • The need for a personalized, automated approach to digital experience.
  • Instilling a culture of curiosity in your workspace and the urgency of always asking “why”.

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