The Significance of Seasonality in Online Shopping Experiences with Mike Lively from Slickdeals

Listen to "The Significance of Seasonality in Online Shopping Experiences with Mike Lively from Slickdeals" on Spreaker.

Great deals are happening online during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but the BEST deals are actually happening during other parts of the year. 

In this episode of The Frictionless Experience we have the pleasure of hearing from Mike Lively

Senior Vice President of Engineering at Slickdeals. Mike walks us through the significance of Seasonality, one of the Five Friction Forces, in the online shopping experience.

With over 10 million monthly users, Slickdeals ranks among the top 10 most-visited sites during peak shopping seasons like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With so much site volume and business at stake, Mike preaches load testing, monitoring, and preparation to continuously optimize the customer experience, not only during seasonal bursts, but consistently throughout the year.

Mike shares the proactive strategies his team has mastered to prepare with other departments in the company for peak periods and how they  leverage testing and user behavior analysis to create personalized, frictionless experiences.

Join us as we discuss:

  • How retailers and eCommerce sites can get ready for holiday and seasonal shopping days, like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Amazon Prime Day. 
  • Ways to prevent third-party tags from causing costly performance issues and customer friction to ensure reliable user experiences.
  • The value of ongoing testing and planning to convert more visitors and retain customers throughout the entire year. 
  • The significance of Core Web Vitals in optimizing website performance and user experiences.

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