How to Revolutionize Customer Experiences with Vijay Jayaraman from Walmart

Listen to "How to Revolutionize Customer Experiences with Vijay Jayaraman from Walmart" on Spreaker.

From saving Valentine's Day with last-minute flower deliveries to ensuring your picnic continues uninterrupted with snacks delivered via drone, Walmart redefines convenience. We discuss with Vijay Jayaraman, Senior Director of Product at Walmart eCommerce, how these strategies are implemented across 4500 stores to create seamless, memorable customer experiences.

In this episode of a new 4-part series, Elevating to the C-Suite, Vijay talks about Continuous Digital Optimization (CDO), strategies for eliminating customer friction, evolving with customer needs, and harnessing technology and insights to revolutionize the customer experience.

Listeners will learn:

  • How Walmart leverages its extensive store network to facilitate same-day deliveries, offering solutions that exceed traditional online shopping expectations.
  • The impact of advanced technologies like drone deliveries on everyday convenience, and how these innovations are integrated into Walmart's customer service strategy.
  • Strategies Walmart employs to handle potential disruptions and ensure a seamless return process, enhancing overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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