Elevating Customer Experience and Business Value Through Design with Paul Stonick of SCADpro

Listen to "Elevating Customer Experience and Business Value Through Design with Paul Stonick of SCADpro" on Spreaker.

If you are not finding pain points and understanding the user experience, then you’re basically throwing up a Hail Mary when it comes to having a successful user experience. 

In this episode of The Frictionless Experience we have the pleasure of hearing from Paul Stonick, Vice President of SCADpro at Savannah College of Art and Design. Paul walks us through how to create innovative, user-centric experiences through high-impact Design, one of the Five Friction Forces.  

Paul discusses SCADpro, a program where exceptionally talented students and industry professionals find creative and inventive design solutions to real-world business challenges for some of the world’s most influential brands, including Google, Amazon, Apple, Uber, and Chick-fil-A. 

The conversation continues sharing different examples of brand creative, visual and UX design delivering compelling, frictionless experiences and significant business value. Blending physical and digital (i.e. kiosks, mobile apps, curbside pick-up), we discuss what “phygital” means in the customer experience, and provide examples and strategies so you can propel your customer experience.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The future of “phygital” to create meaningful, frictionless customer experiences.
  • The crucial role of strategic design to foster user trust and business success.
  • The essential ingredients to encourage unconventional design thinking in corporate environments for brands of all sizes, across any industry.

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