Driving eCommerce Demand to Crush Your Marketing KPIs with Mark Friedman

Listen to "Driving eCommerce Demand to Crush Your Marketing KPIs with Mark Friedman of The Marketing Playbook podcast" on Spreaker.

If you don't know where you're going to spend your next marketing dollar, then you don't fully understand your business.

In this episode of The Frictionless Experience, we have the pleasure of hearing from Mark Friedman, an expert in digital and eCommerce strategy and host of The Marketing Playbook podcast.

With an impressive background working with and consulting for renowned direct-to-consumer brands, including Eddie Bauer, Brooks Brothers, Steve Madden, Speedo, Calvin Klein and Hanover Direct, we dive deep into Marketing, one of the Five Friction Forces, and its impact on the customer experience.

Mark takes us through his fascinating career journey, how he’s revolutionized marketing and business strategies for the digital age and drives eCommerce demand.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Tracking marketing performance and attribution in today’s multi-channel environment.
  • Challenges and opportunities to handle peak traffic periods and optimize customer lifetime value.
  • Implications of heavy promotions on customer perception and the friction that can arise in the return process.
  • Key insights on directing website traffic, load testing, and the significance of post-order monetization and customer retention efforts

If you enjoyed Part 3: Marketing in our series on the Five Friction Forces, stay tuned for Part 4: Seasonality.

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