Click, Tap, Fail: A Friction-Free Framework for Better CX with Michael Hinshaw

Listen to "Click, Tap, Fail: A Friction-Free Framework for Better CX" on Spreaker.

In this episode, Chuck and Nick chat with Michael Hinshaw, a recognized leader in digital  customer experience. Michael shares his insights from decades of helping companies like Intel and Microsoft enhance their customer interactions through digital or physical mediums and how businesses can effectively reduce friction and even misunderstandings in their service offerings.

Listeners will learn:

  • Why companies need to focus on managing the customer experience to change how customers feel.
  • How to use  touchpoint mapping to identify all customer interactions across channels and visualize what accelerates or impedes movement through the customer journey.
  • Why companies need to be digital-first, not digital-only. Solve most customer problems digitally but still make it easy for customers to get human help when needed.
  • How an Experience Operating System (XOS) aligns the whole organization, breaking down silos, to deliver seamless customer experiences measured by consistent metrics.
  • Why technology alone doesn't solve experience issues but instead just make poor experiences faster, and how to customize tech to align with customer-focused processes.

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